What's in the oven?

My sister bought me the niftiest gadget – an apple peeler – for my birthday this year! With a knife, I can’t peel an apple worth a damn (ironically, my sister also bought me a Wusthof paring knife) – not only was I slow, Mom used to say that an apple would lose half of its mass after I had my turn at it *. But now! (And please ignore the rest of the crap on the table.)

You install an apple into the crank…

…and it peels, core, and slices in one move!

Instead of spending 7-10 minutes peeling and slicing one apple, I can now prepare 4 apples in about 5 or 6 minutes. How cool is that! I usually don’t buy appliances with only one dedicated purpose (i.e., why buy an egg slicer if you own a perfectly good chef’s knife?), but this one has greatly streamlined a single process for me.

With all of those apples, what else could I do but make apple crumb pie?

Mmmm, pie…

I recently discovered Trader Joe’s makes pizza dough (the label on the bag reads, “Trader Giotto’s,” hoo hoo…). It’s incredibly cheap at $0.79/lb and has a few additives in it that make it a little more resilient and easier to spread out even if it’s still cold from the fridge. I may never make my own pizza dough again! I whipped up a few pork and broccoli calzones for dinner the other night. Delicious!

* You may be wondering why I wanted a paring knife if I’m so explicitly bad at peeling apples. I actually wanted it for finer knife work, where a chef’s knife is a little too big to be the right tool for the job. Sometimes, you just want a smaller knife!