New handspun yarn

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Hey, so I finished something!

It was a couple years in the spinning, but the plying took only a few hours. This is a 3-ply (chain-plied), sport-weight yarn, 100% Polwarth. I don’t know the yardage, but the weight is 4.8 oz.

I was really disappointed in this roving. It was felted into an unusable, clotted mass. Perhaps it didn’t start out that way – it could be a function of the carding oil oxidizing with time. Taking my own advice, I stopped spinning the fiber when the pleasure of spinning gave way to tedium.

If you follow the progression of spinning (easy to do because of the chain plying), as the roving got more and more felted, the singles got progressively ragged and pilly-looking on the bobbin. The last part of the yarn looks like hell, frankly. I am hanging onto the unspun portion and may try v.e.r.y. gently washing it, but I am not optimistic about its rescue. Such a shame, the colors really are wonderful.

Currently, the yarn is resting quietly in the stash bucket in the basement. Any suggestions of a project for a small amount of yarn with very long color sequences?

8 thoughts on “New handspun yarn

  1. I’ve seen a bunch of knee socks pop up that alternates a solid yarn and a yarn with a long color sequence (such as Zauberball). I’m sort of obsessed with them, in that “MUST KNIT NOW” sort of way.

  2. Would it maybe work for thrums or something instead of spinning? You could at least use it for felting, maybe cat toys or felted soap?

  3. Hey, congratulations! I popped into your blog because I was looking for your post on cloth diapers and was pleasantly surprised to hear the good news! Bloglines isn’t updating your blog for some reason–I’ll change the address to the one you mentioned. We’re expecting too, in early August, but just one as far as anyone can tell. How are you feeling?

  4. Well done! The colours are beautiful. I’m sure that when it’s made into something no one will ever notice the raggedy bits. It’s human nature to see the imperfections in our own work much more than other people do.

  5. I’ve had some tricky polwarth in the past- i found if I wet finished it, the resulting yarn transformed into something rather lovely and sproingy.

    As for a nice pattern- i totally adore long wrist warmers-sort of a sleeve under a sleeve (i have seen something similar on ravelry which i think are toast and toasty)

  6. Had to chuckle at the “couple of years” to spin. Seems in was worth it – looks lovely! And congrats on the twins, I hope you have a completely joyful pregnancy!

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