It's finished!!!


(For another view, click on the photo)

Can I deal with deadlines or what? 😀

It’s about 4 1/2 feet to a side. After inserting blocking wires through each tooth, I steamed it heavily for about a twenty minutes. Knitting loosens a little with the heat (you can practically see it sigh in relief), and I therefore decided to pull it a little more in all four directions and steam it again.

I decided to block it mostly square, although it is properly a rectangle (wider than it is tall). You can see the consequences of that decision in the border, as the sides are narrower than the tops and bottom. I thought I’d pull it into a square to maximize the length of the piece, as I’d like to try and wear it as a veil. If I hold it up to the top of my head, it goes to about the mid-calf level.

Details of the project: The center panel and border patterns come from Sharon Miller’s Heirloom Knitting, the edging and construction method come from Galina Khmeleva’s Gossamer Webs. The latter book unfortunately appears to be out of print. I loved the center panel pattern (rosebud) and selected the other motifs based on that. The diamonds of the border obviously complement the center. The edging has a 4-hole rose motif in the center of each diamond and reflected the center pattern in a more simplified form. The extra eyelets edging the border teeth work well because the border diamonds are edged in double eyelets as well.

It was knit using a size US 0 (2 mm) needle, and the plied yarn is ~9600 ypp. (I spun one ply – 50/50 cashmere/superfine merino, the other ply is commercial gossamer silk.) Fiber was prepared with Forsyth mini combs and a Fricke/Strauch drumcarder. The yarn was spun on a Magnus Drudik wheel (pictured). The final weight of the piece is 120 g, and yes, it does go through Matt’s wedding ring (a size 11).