Drive-by post

Just a quickie note to show you how my adventures in papercutting ended up. (See here for the original entry.)

I bought scrapbooking paper from Joanns in coordinating colors, and the 5×7 cheapo frames come from Target.

I think it came out looking very nice! (Note: The contrast on Peter Rabbit looks much better in person, really.) Now, to get some nails in the wall…

3 thoughts on “Drive-by post

  1. Lovely!

    BTW, I’m still using the shower cleaner recipe you posted last April. It’s cheap, easy to make up, and works GREAT. My shower never looked so good before! 🙂

  2. Very cool, June! Are these for Meredith’s room or the … um … double nursery? 🙂

    I bookmarked the site that you linked to in your original post, but then deleted it when I realized I was never going to make a darn thing.

    But I HAVE been baking — double chocolate banana bread, peanut blossom cookies (the kind with the chocolate star in the middle), so I’m not a lost cause.

  3. Those are just beautiful, June! The perfect thing for a child’s room. How blessed your children are/will be, to have such a talented and creative mom!

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