International Fleeces

A handspinner and knitter that I have known through online fiber groups for many years has recently opened a new virtual shop, International Fleeces. NAYY, other than she is a friend.

I made a small purchase to help her on her way –

That’s 4 oz of Shetland/silk (70/30) – doesn’t it sort of remind you of Pepé Le Pew?

And I couldn’t resist the True Creations spindle (0.7 oz, a colorful whorl made of chakte kok, a wood I’d never heard of before).

Shipping (with UPS) was prompt, as was e-mail notification of the purchase, and I’m very satisfied with my experience shopping with her. She also threw in a couple freebie fiber samples (camel/silk blend and spiral-dyed Merino), which were nice.

Go forth and treat yourself! And tell Talia that I sent you. 😉

6 thoughts on “International Fleeces

  1. I couldn’t imagine why you were showing a book about multiple births…..congratulations….for some reason your blog updates do not shw on my bloglines list….

  2. You are a total enabler! As if my Van Eaton wasn’t enough! (one is never enough, BTW) Now you want to get the rest of my retirement spent…….hahahah. All good. If I wasn’t so pliable…..

    Congrats on the twins!! Wow! What a shocker that must have been. But what a cool thing…once you get used to the idea. LOL All my best and I will be watching to see them when they get here! :0) Sharon

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