I have always loved dolls, and that has, in a way, translated to loving making dolls. I’d love to make a doll that Meredith will adore, but she doesn’t seem that interested in them right now.

Dolls are full of fiddly, detailed bits, and they’re not easy for me to make (what with my meager sewing skills and all). But I am loving how this one is coming together.

I’m almost afraid to go forward with the hair and face, what if I ruin the work I’ve already done?

9 thoughts on “Potential

  1. Wow, that looks great! I had a wonderful time making a knitted & embroidered doll for my son but to be honest he never warmed to it. It was still a cool project. And if Meredith doesn’t love this doll, maybe one of the new babies will!

  2. go go go! i know meredith will love it when shes ready to love it. it looks very promising!

  3. My mom is quite the seamstress. When DD had a big growth spurt and was trying to wear her tight old sweatshirt from her previous school, Mom converted the sweatshirt and some muslin into a doll similar to yours but little sister size. “My sister Beth” needs a few repairs now but oh she’s been a great companion! Mom embroiders the faces — surprisingly lifelike.

  4. the doll is looking great. I agree with Angela, you could always add a face later, especially once you have made a couple of dolls and feel ok to “spare” one. Though I am sure a face made by you would look great on any doll–you are crafty and creative!

  5. Put on hair but leave the face blank so it can be filled in by imagination, a happy look, sad, sleeping. You can buy a wig at craft stores, create on out of wool, use yarn that is washable (ie sock yarn) or even paint something on. What kind of doll is it to be. A sometimes pal, a tea party friend or a drag around wubby comfort pal that can take hard knocks. Create appropriately

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