Rhinebeck Fibers, Part I

You may remember that Claudia was my personal shopper at the Rhinebeck sheep and wool show this year. I gave her a fistful of dollars, and she returned with a little over a pound of wool/mohair blends from two different vendors. (She also brought back most of the cash!) Thank you, Claudia!

This first batch of roving was very pretty, spun up well, and was mostly unremarkable until I washed it. Once it hit the warm water mixed with a squeeze of shampoo, it bled and bled and bled some more. After a half hour of washing, it was still letting off a lot of dye. I ended up simmering it for 45 minutes with a healthy serving of citrate to fix the loose dye, and that seems to have solved the problem. When I rinsed out the dyebath water, the yarn behaved. I did email the vendor about the problem. She apologized and noted that I was the first customer ever to have this happen (or the first to mention it to her, at any rate).

The yarn felted a little bit after the repeated washing, simmering, and rinsing, but it was all right in the end. It feels somewhat coarse, unfortunately. If I’m super-conscientious (riiight), I’ll remember to buy some instant leave-in conditioner and will give it a light spritzing to remove some of the dryness.

The yarn is on the windowsill in my attempt to capture the real color as much as possible. There are 4 x 50 g skeins, plus about 10 g leftover.