I lemminged…

…and made a Bucket-o-chic! I sort of wish I had known this was a one day project, as I probably would have made one earlier. The pattern was clear and easy to understand, it took about four hours to knit up. The pattern author has a FAQ with hints on yarn, blocking, fulling, etc.

I used Classic Elite Lush. I bought the yarn during a Knitpicks sale, I think it was 50% off. I bought three skeins before I found out it would shed like the dickens. I kept finding bits of fuzz in my mouth and nose as I knitted with it. I hoped making a fulled garment would help control the fabric.

It took about thirty minutes in the laundry machine (hot water, detergent, two pairs of jeans) before it was the right size. I blocked it overnight on a plastic food container but otherwise didn’t do anything to finish it.



Matt thinks it needs some kind of embellishment. I’m considering a small jumble of crochet flowers… but I’ll have to overcome my distaste for crochet first. (It makes my hand turn into a cripple claw.)

Bucket-o-cool! And hey – I’m wearing my new alpaca coat, too.