Random Tuesday

Random thing 1: Someone recently e-mailed me about a very cool variant on the DNA scarf. I think this is highly awesome.

Image by Jamie P

See more pics here (rav link) or here (non-rav link).

Random thing 2: I was browsing through the site of a former infertility blogger (now mommy of 2 boys, 1 about Meredith’s age). She recently moved to Turkey and posted pictures of a carpet shop that she visited with her family. She mentioned the dyes, the knotted pile, and included a picture of a woman spinning.

Image by Wendi K

I was really tickled by this photo. “Hey,” I thought to myself, “a Turkish spindle! In Turkey! How neat is that?!” (Ha ha ha I AM TIRED.) Looks like she’s using it as a support spindle to make worsted-weight singles. Nifty.

Random thing 3: Acting on the advice of Etherknitter and others, I recently sent off a superfine Merino (gracefully aged 7 yrs in my stash, purchased from here) to Morro Fleece Works. I figured it would be at least 6 mo before I saw it again. Wrong! Shari e-mailed and said it would be done this week!

Random thing 4: If you’re a breastfeeding (or otherwise busty) gal who has a hard time finding tailored blouses that close over “the girls” without pulling or gaping, Carissa Rose clothes are designed for you. They have a special sale going on as part of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Click here for details. NAYY, other than a previous customer.

Image by Carissa Rose

Random thing 5: My babies are now in full-time day care. They are doing mostly well, although Casey is (after 1 week) still very reluctant to accept bottles of breastmilk during the day. The day care ladies have tried everything – our latest trick is to have someone drape on a shirt that I’ve worn, in case the scent helps. (Interestingly, the only caregiver who has had any success feeding her also happens to be a nursing mom – coincidence?)

Jordan, Casey

We see the pediatrician in another week for their next wellness appointment, but can anyone please offer me a reassuring story in the meantime?

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  1. The babies are just too cute! Reassuring story: My first born never really took to the bottle. He would grudgingly drink not quite an ounce, maybe 1x or 2x per day if he got super-hungry. He made up for the lack by being a constant nurser once we were home and over night. It sucked (for many reasons) but he survived. Once he started some solids at 6mos I worried less about it. I would sometimes go nurse him on lunch break (which made all of us: him, me, caregivers) feel better, but it wasn’t a sure thing that I could do it. He is now a very vigorous 7 year old.

    I’m sure your little monkey will get used to it, I know many babes just take some time. I think my son is an extreme example, and yes it made me worry sick the whole time.

  2. Thanks for the link to the shirts! I always have issues in this, ahem, area. While typically quite pricey, the $40 promo seems too good to resist. Will be giving it a try!

  3. Cannot believe you got such great turnover at Morro! She must be approaching the end of the whites now.

  4. My 2 month old son also doesn’t like bottles, not even when he is very hungry. What I tried last weekend that worked was giving him breast milk with a dropper. It actually did not take as long as I thought it would to feed him this way. Don’t know whether your daycare would be willing to try this out though. Wish you good luck.

    Your girls are absolutely adorable!

  5. No reassuring stories pop to mind. But here’s a funny one. This weekend while Annalisa and I were making dinner, the kids were off playing and giggling. Before we knew it, there were signs all over the house that said things like “No grownups” (but misspelled), and we were receiving expensive “parcing ticets” (a.k.a parking tickets) for breaking the rules. I apparently owe quite a bit of money to the authorities, though there is disagreement over whether it’s real or fake money.

    Hmmm… That probably doesn’t help, does it? Hang in there June!

  6. OMG you have the CUTEST babies on planet earth! June, they’re beautiful!!!!!!!!! alas, I have zero feedback on the bottle/breastmilk dilemma, but I just want to reassure you about the cuteness and overall awesomeness of your babies. :):):)

  7. Ahh, yes, I know this angst well. DD#2 was a ‘flesh baby.’ She did not want a bottle or a pacifier, ever. When she had to go to daycare, it took about a month before she would take a full bottle for them. She nursed well in the morning, and at night. Her doctor assured me she would be fine, although, strong-willed. She is a beautiful, healthy 15 year old now, and has never had any eating or weight issues. She always has been strong-willed and it has persisted. That brings issues of its own, start teaching diplomacy at an early age.

  8. Looked at your DNA scarf pattern, and though I’d mention that Kathy Haneke is no longer in business. Her husband retired, and they are off to other adventures.

  9. Hi June – if you have two seconds to do so, can you drop me a note about the time one of your cats decided it was time to kill the other? Yesterday afternoon, my youngest one, who has adored her big “brother” since she came to us as a baby, decided he really needed to be killed. I shut her out of the bedroom last night so he could relax with me, and today she’s isolated in the office with water and litter. How long did it go on before it mysteriously ended? Anything else you can say about it??? We’re pretty unhappy here… thank you!

  10. My daughter NEVER took a bottle, ever. She liked a Tupperware small size sippy cup that had a plastic nipple-sized spout and by four months simply drank out of a normal cup. Good luck! Your girls are beautiful.

  11. I know I haven’t read your blog in awhile, but I’ve really been behind. Not only were you pregnant, but you’ve had twins! Your children are just beautiful. Congratulations!

  12. LOOK at those faces!!! They are just amazingly adorable. Good job girl!!! You two have gorgeous children. :0)

    Found a Van Eaton today but……….I missed it. I think you could actually hear my heart breaking. LOL;o)

    Hope you are doing great. Certainly looks like you have a wonderful family. :0)

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