Tiny Tea Leaves

A long, long time ago, Grumperina went to yarn shops, Home Depot, and knit 2 baby sweaters. Now, she’s a busy mom of a newborn, so I predict that her priorities are just a leeetle bit different now…!

The sweaters that she sent for my girls were beautiful. I am usually somewhat opposed to Mommy-n-me Matchy Matchy, but I was seriously tempted to make an adult one for myself because the pattern looks so nice, so appropriate for children but also not juvenile at all.

Jordan in blue, Casey in purple

Although I give birth only to very large children, it still took a while for the girls to grow enough to really fill the sweaters out. But, since March, wear them they have! They were great this past spring and probably will still be big enough to fit into in the fall, if Jordan doesn’t chew the sleeve off first. (Teething, yay…)

The pattern is Tiny Tea Leaves. You can see the specifics of how the sweaters were knit on Grumpy’s page.

She also sent a lovely gift for Meredith, a pair of Octopus mittens. I’m sorry that I don’t have my own photo, but you can see them in their glory here. Meredith didn’t really get a chance to wear them last winter because she is very tall for her age (>99th percentile since birth!) and her hands didn’t fit inside. (I had to giggle at Grumpy’s estimate that it would fit a 4- or 5-year old because Meredith was 2 at the time!) She did love carrying them around, though. We are saving them for the kidlets. And perhaps for future dolls.

Thank you, Kathy! We are touched by your heartfelt generosity. I hope you are enjoying your time with the new baby! (And hey, if you’re seeing this, get off the computer, go get some sleep! Ha ha ha…)

8 thoughts on “Tiny Tea Leaves

  1. Oh wow, your girls are adorable! Wonderful cardigans, they’re perfect little models 🙂

    My hair did that spiky thing too, when I was a baby. Wonder it if it’s a Eurasian trait!

  2. Does it count if I read this 5 days after you posted?!? The sweaters are so lovely on your girls! I can’t believe it took almost a year for them to grow into the sweaters, but I bet they’ll fit for a long time, which is nice :). Thanks for posting the pics!

  3. I support your general stance against matching outfits with mommy. My mom made us matching dresses for Christmas one year (about age 7, which would be 1975). Royal blue velvet. The family photo taken before church that night shows me with red eyes, from crying, because I did NOT want to match my mom!!!

  4. Question: Can Meredith tell the twins apart immediately, with no difficulty? I imagine she can!

  5. Casey has the same eyebrows as my daughter. When a friend of mine saw Emmy’s first baby picture, she said, “I love her Asian eyebrows.” (She has two daughters from Vietnam.)
    I love that photo of the two of them right beside eacho ther.

  6. I’m voting for matching sweaters, not BECAUSE they’re matching, but because that is a seriously nice pattern, and I bet you’d look good in it. I’d suggest a non-matching color tho.

    Also from your previous spinning post, I want a picture of your plying process. Do you carry the bobbins with you? How do you get it out that long before winding it on? Is this so the twist is more even with your languishing de-energized singles?

    Your daughters look like delightful sprites. Your yarn looks delicious.

  7. I cannot fathom how you manage to function at all, and apparently so effortlessly. Your girls are all adorable, which probably helps, but dang, you are superwoman. Commuting? Pumping? Selling the house? Yikes.

    In a couple of years you’re going to look back and either feel great relief/accomplishment, or wonder what happened during the blur. 🙂

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