For the ladies who like it RAW…

A friend is selling grease wool! She is trying a (one-time?) joint business venture (w/someone I haven’t met) of having it spun into yarn, possibly hand-dyeing it, and selling it at my LYS. The sheep are raised in southern Minnesota by a co-op of (quasi-Amish?) lady handspinners who spin, knit, and sell all sorts of goods from the wool. They had more wool than they could use this year, so my friend has purchased some 240 lbs of the stuff and is hoping to sell as much grease wool as possible before having the rest processed.

BW Locks
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The breed is primarily Corriedale, although there have been some recent crosses with Merino and Romney. Fleeces are well-skirted (no nasty dags or underbelly mudsoaked junk), and judging from the feel of the grease, they were shorn pretty recently.


This is from unjacketed ewes and rams, the wool is typically what I think of when considering a finewool crossed with a medium-coarse wool (Long staple, medium crimp, some sheen, still soft enough for next-to-skin purposes). I thought this stuff was fantastic and bought an entire fleece, 4 lbs. The tips are a little weathered, but the sample locks that I “sprang” seemed sound. It has very very low VM, and what is there is in large pieces that are easy to pick out. It washes up to a creamy white. The staple length is good for combing, but I think it will card up just fine, too. People who spin in the grease will love this one. Her asking price is $5/lb (plus shipping from 55057).


The tips are just a tiny bit lighter than the rest of the fleece, and the wool is amazingly crimpy. If you told me this was some kind of longer-stapled Merino, I would totally believe it. This is supposedly from jacketed sheep, but it is (imo) heavy on the VM. I passed on this one because I hate all VM with a passion that rivals my hatred of beets. (Flavor of beets = flavor of dirt) Plus, the VM is small and may be hard to get out due to the high crimp. Combing is the best bet for getting it VM-free. The color is beautiful, very dark with occasional silver strands that make it look super-shiny. Her asking price is $6/lb (plus shipping from 55057).

If you are interested in having some of your own, please email Laura, . She will sell it by the pound or by the fleece.

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  1. Ha – your title ought to bring in the hits! I love the white. I’d like 10 pounds, but I’m going to think about it overnight. (a first for me)

  2. Hi June!
    I, too, think beets taste like dirt! The fleeces are gorgeous. At that price, I’ll bite! I believe several Mennonite families live in Minnesota, and some still speek sort of a German/English mix. Could they be the “quasi-Amish”?

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