Are you a young person?

If I call you, a customer service representative, and ask for information, do you make everything sound like question? Even statements of fact?

“Our mortgage officer isn’t here right now?”
“His name is Darrin?”

Are you aware of your absurd voice inflection? Do you realize it makes you sound unprofessional at best (and clueless at worst)?


(PS. I’m also equally irritated by e-mail salutations of “Hey,” from people I barely know.)

3 thoughts on “Are you a young person?

  1. Argh! This drives me crazy as well! (As well?) I also had to skip forward though an episode of “This American Life” because the young person talking used “like” every fourth word and it was too grating.


  2. Yes.

    And because I was late catching up on your blog, I missed the comments to ask, does your fil also sing ‘I belong to Glasgow?’ My dad used to sing them both. (He’d likely be your grandfather’s age.). My dad was from Newfoundland and I once called him from an outdoor concert at Lincoln Center because Great Big Sea was singing ‘Lukey’s boat is painted green.’

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