FO: Socks and…?

I’ve been slowly replenishing my worn-out sock collection. Same pattern, same mods. I’m sticking to a “1 in, 1 out” philosophy and can now toss a pair of old handknit socks.

This yarn is Knitpicks Stroll Tonal sock yarn. The positive is that they really nailed the color – it stripes nicely and doesn’t pool (at least with a 60-st circumference on size 0 needles).

However, like most (all) of Knitpicks yarns, it seems to be very loosely spun. It fuzzed even while knitting, and I have low confidence about its longevity. But it was good to try the yarn for myself and satisfy my curiosity about it.

I was hoping to post a recipe for this:

But in truth, it did not taste very good. Too… lemony, too garlicky, too something. And yet the dish seemed weirdly bland but still salty. The sauce was too thick, borderline mucous. I dunno. The family barely ate it. I even threw away leftovers, something I nearly never do.

So instead, my latest success is this:


They were an instant hit. Sometimes, ya gotta know when to give up cooking for yourself and instead cook for the majority audience.

6 thoughts on “FO: Socks and…?

  1. At my house it is snowman and heart pancakes. I have a lot of the original knit picks ‘sock’ yarn. They didn’t have a consistent naming structure and the yarn is 100% merino. After knitting a toe at an ironing board stiff gauge I decided that it was not going to be socks. So now I am knitting squares for the ‘barn raising quilt’. I am still tempted by knit picks colorways sometimes but I remind myself that the yarn is terrible for socks and just plan on mittens or leg warmers or something else. (love the math for comment verification.)

  2. Buttcakes would be a big hit at my house, even though the youngest person who would ever be here for breakfast is 25. Such is the male species.

    I made a pair of socks from KP Felici and had that same fear about how well they would wear. Three years of wear (although not every week) and they’re still fine.

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