I was blocking the front pieces for the Metro sweater a few days ago. I was pretty happy that the knitting was finished, although I knew I would have to reknit the back collar (I just wanted to see how it would stretch with blocking). However, I was dismayed to realize that I’d completely messed up establishing the ribs, too.

See how on the left side (right side when worn) has ribs that start an inch earlier than the cables on the opposite side? Arrgggh… How did I knit the whole thing without ever noticing?

I could ladder down the ribbed side and make the ribbing start higher up, but I think I like the look of the longer ribbing better. The plan now is to frog the entire upper portion of the cabled piece and reknit. Ah well. At least I caught it now, instead of after seaming.

4 thoughts on “Asymmetry

  1. Not certain that I can really see how it is supposed to be, but glad you caught it before seaming! Hope you are able to get back on track quickly:)

  2. I’ve dropped stitches to improve and/or change cables, it’s not a bad thing to practice. There are some strange things that occur with the tension along the edges, but it eases up after washing and blocking. And sometimes it’s just easier to pull it out. Depends on the yarn, and how many assistants will be working with you.

  3. Not related to this project, but to the DNA Scarf. I have done it in TWO colors…and would love to show you how it turned out. The entire background is black and the DNA strand in blue.

    I loved working on it.

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