Clothing labels

These are the labels that I now use in many of the clothes that I sew.

The red mark is made with a Japanese hanko that I bought via ebay from an American living in Japan. (It is my name, if that wasn’t obvious.) Clothing size is printed using a metal stamp set that I think is intended to be used for stamping metal jewelry. My set is like this but also came with numbers.

The ink is set by the heat of an iron and seems pretty washfast. The cotton tape frays like mad if the ends aren’t tucked under or sealed.

I know I could have custom labels woven (um, if I really wanted 1,000 of them), but I really like the look of a hand-stamped label, it reminds me of old-school typewriters.

3 thoughts on “Clothing labels

  1. Custom dresses, custom labels–nice!

    The other thing that would be cool to put on a label is your family’s mon…

  2. Handmade label for handmade clothing … Why would you want it any other way? 🙂

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