Ten years

Today is a joyful day for me and Matt, it is our 10th wedding anniversary!

What’s happened in 10 years between the two of us?

  • Added 3 lovely daughters to our family
  • Said sad farewells to family, friends, and a pet
  • Bought a house, sold a house, bought a house
  • Changed jobs 3 times
  • Enjoyed pretty good health (no major medical anything)

OMG, how can I sum up 10 years in a few bullet points? No, you’re right, I can’t. It’s been a great life together, and I couldn’t imagine having a better partner (I mean, OK, maybe he could put away his shoes sometimes, ha ha). But we’ve stuck through thick and thin, good times and bad, and we’re still here, still happy, and still so damn glad to be married to each other.

I was a little shocked to see it’s been >2 months since I last posted. I have been SO. BUSY. AT. WORK. I don’t know what got into me, other than possibly guilt over taking a 2-week vacation in August, but I took on too many projects at once in Sept, which turned into a nightmarish slogathon of 50- to 60-hr work weeks that has not yet relented. (Yeah, I know some people work like that all the time [HI, MARCIA], but I have not been one of those people since I finished grad school.) The end is in sight, I think, but I have done nothing but cycle through ||:work and parenting and cleaning and sleeping:|| for what seems like forever.

With my oldest now in elementary school, we’ve had a lot of changes at home, too, including flexing my work hours to be at home when school is out and making up the lost work time on lunch hours/nights/weekends. We’re doing (relaxed, informal) homeschooling on top of regular school homework, and it has been challenging on multiple fronts. Teaching young ‘uns is a tough gig, no joke! Altogether, my current schedule of zero free time is starting to feel unsustainable to me, so I’m going to shake things up a bit and see how they settle out.

7 thoughts on “Ten years

  1. Congratulations–10 years is a big accomplishment! Here’s to 10 more (and 10 more after that, and 10 more after that…). And homeschooling on top of everything else? You are truly amazing.

  2. Congratulations to both of you on ten years down the river of life together! It’s been a happy privilege to know you both.

  3. Happy ten beautiful years to you and Matt! I hope your work stress abates soon. Stress isn’t good for your health, ya know! I miss you.

  4. 10 yrs! And to think we corresponded prior to the wedding – I have loved every minute of your blog!

    Also – enjoyed the math to leave a comment – how typical of you! πŸ™‚

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