Good intentions

For the past couple nights, I tried to bring a little extra functionality to this site by replacing and tweaking the WordPress theme, but I ended up breaking the site completely. Whoops! Even with Matt’s help, it still took hours to bring everything back and make it run again. Sorry, hon!

In December, I attempted to put together my 2014 retrospective (4 times! I tried to write the darn thing 4 times!), but I lost a good friend to cancer last spring, plus I have not been too healthy this year, so remembering all of that only made me melancholy. Let’s just say that last year was sh*tty and I hope that this new year will be awesome. I’m prioritizing getting more sleep and making more happy in 2015.

With the recent Ten on Tuesday about books, I enjoyed seeing others’ book lists and realized that when I visit someone’s house, I’m nosy as hell about what they’re reading. For parity, I’ll jump in and show what I’ve read since I started keeping track in 2013. Links are in the sidebar (scroll down to “Reading List”). Word of warning – I read almost no fiction.

My laptop got a spendy makeover last week (new logic board, twice the RAM, new solid-state hard drive, fresh install of the OS), so my intolerably sluggish beast has been transformed into a sleek, rocket-powered machine. Altogether, this site is finally easier to update, and I’m excited about sharing more with you. Also, I am frequently posting on Instagram (@twosheep) and invite you to join me there; the “Glimpses” box in the sidebar show the most recent ones, if you’re not on Instagram.

As always, I thank you for reading, reaching out to me, and sharing a bit of yourself. Wishing you the best in 2015 – let’s make this a terrific year!

6 thoughts on “Good intentions

  1. Happy New Year to you guys — and here’s to a happier 2015!

    We had a very good 2014; we do *not* take it for granted. We wish you all the best.

  2. 2014 was a bad one for many people, it seemed. My husband died for 8 minutes but was successfully revived; if one is gonna have a cardiac event, do it in the OR surrounded by professionals with all the training and equipment they need to bring one back. Let’s all hope for a new and improved 2015! (btw, the reading links in your sidebar lead to your reading page, but the links there do not work.)

  3. Sorry it’s been such a sucky year. Mine has not had too many lows (although I too lost a dear friend, my mind still cannot always wrap itself around the fact that she is gone.) More it was just sort of a “meh” kind of year. I’m hoping I can make this one a bit more sparkly!! And I’m happy that you will be writing more, and I followed the Instagram link, and now I have you in my feed/list, whatever it’s called!! LOL

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