No sheep were hurt in the making of this video

My mother spotted this video and forwarded it to me. It’s like the intersection between a somewhat surreal knitterly fantasy and commerce in normal life. Love it!

The caption translates (roughly, via Google) to “If you thought traffic was complicated in your city, wait till you see this video.”

8 thoughts on “No sheep were hurt in the making of this video

  1. Looks just like LA traffic if you replaced sheep with cars. People swerving left and right. People cutting you off and not getting out of your way. Sometimes just stopping in front of you for no reason.

  2. wow!
    (I have to admit that I was distracted by looking at the sheep with different colors on their backs–perhaps an indication that there’s more than one herd of sheep mixed up there? 🙂 )

  3. Hi June:

    I was just wondering if you knew that Magnus Drudik passed away a week or so ago?

    Some folks on Ravelry (via the McTavish Wheelworks group) are making 9″ squares for a lap blanket for Heidi, if you’d like to join in… email me for more info if you need it…


  4. I’ve seen this before. Quite the mind boggling number of sheep! Funny how sometimes they split in front of the truck, other times they all decide to run in the same direction.

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