The spinning of Pepé Le Pew

Five years ago, I bought a 4-oz bump of 70/30 Shetland wool and tussah silk blend. I spun a tiny bit of it on a spindle and then life, etc, twins born, blah blah, until I pulled it out again a month ago, when I received the unexpected gift of daily spinning time.

My first grader moved into a new reading level at the end of February. Her previous daily reading assignment consisted of us reading a short book together every afternoon, but in this new level, now she reads part of a chapter book aloud to me for 30 minutes daily. I no longer need to hover over each page and correct myriad mistakes, I just listen and question obvious errors. I’ve been learning a lot about magic treehouses, sigh.

On the plus side, one can actually get quite a bit of spinning done in 30 minutes per day. 😉 This is more spinning than I’ve done in a year, probably.

I made medium-weight singles and 3-plied them to make a bouncy worsted weight yarn. It feels good to squeeze.

I didn’t have a project in mind and thus didn’t bother with measuring yardage. I have no project planned because the yarn itself is not great. The Shetland fiber was distressingly full of short, wiry kemp. Had it been a fleece, I would have rejected it. As expected, the kemp is shedding out like mad.

Sadly, the yarn is too coarse for next-to-skin items, which rules out small projects like scarf, mitts, hat, etc. I was idly considering a Zoom Loom, but what would I do with 4 oz of scratchy, hairy, shedding squares? So this skein will go to the stash bucket to marinate, waiting for inspiration to strike.

4 thoughts on “The spinning of Pepé Le Pew

  1. It looks lovely, even if it is scratchy! Maybe a hat with a lining? Mittens with that fleece bits knitted into the inside, I forget what it is called?! Thrums, that’s it! Thought of it after I wrote the bit below!

    I’m getting excited for my spinning class Tuesday. When I spun on the Lendrum in the showroom, I liked it. I cannot seem to get my tensions of the uptake or something right, I’m making very twisty lumpy stuff!

  2. The good news is that Meredith will eventually—soon, if you’re especially lucky—realize that the Magic Treehouse books are all alike and will move on to some other series. That one, too, is likely to be all alike but at least it will be different from the treehouse.

  3. I wonder if tumbling the skein in the dryer (without heat) would help to remove the kemp, since it seems to be shedding anyway…

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