FO: Skirt and top

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These items have been finished since May – figured it was time to blog about them!

I made another Flirt Skirt, this time out of a striped ponte knit, purchased a few years ago from Gorgeous Fabrics. I had a heck of a time matching the stripes on the side seams because the angles of the front and back somehow weren’t quite the same (?), but I used a gazillion pins and matched every. single. stripe. to make it work.

I made a really cool t-shirt using a digitally printed knit of a city skyline reflected on water (from Sawyerbrook Fabrics [now sold out]). I am on their mailing list and saw the fabric when it was first offered for sale toward the beginning of 2015. I resisted – obsessed – worried about the price [$23/panel, and I’d need 2 for a shirt] – obsessed some more – gnashed teeth – gave in – made the shirt. Whew. It probably is the most expensive t-shirt that I own. But I like how it looks.

I had to forgo all of the darts and fancy fitting tricks that I’d been developing because it would mess up the vertical lines. Also, I could not make the front as long as it needed to be – see how the skyline angles upward and it still rides up at the hem?

But I ran out out stripes in the hem allowance and thus didn’t dare try to make the shirt any longer.

Pattern placement was interesting. I wanted the skyline of the shirt to be fairly high and the neckline fairly low without the two running into each other. I also wanted the skyline to be more or less at the same place visually on the front, back, and sleeves.

I was scratching my head for a while, trying to figure out what part of the sleeve should match the bodice – I found this visual from Knits for Real People, which was a big help.

So there you have it!

5 thoughts on “FO: Skirt and top

  1. I’m impressed with the matching stripes on the skirt!

    The shirt looks great–I don’t know if I would have noticed that the skyline angles upward if you hadn’t pointed it out. Isn’t there some knitting rule about things being fine unless you can spot them from a trotting horse? 🙂 I’m sure it would also apply here…

  2. I’m impressed, too! That’s [STRIKE]worksmanship (workswomanship?)[/STRIKE] quality! Very nice outcome — all the more so when you know what went into making it happen.

  3. What a cool combo! Is that the best looking T-shirt ever or what? How clever of you to make the patterns and designs work so well and I love the fit too! Now the skirt…WOW…matching stripes in easy task! It hangs so nicely and flatters you!

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