Swatching letdown

I’ve hit a roadblock on my second cable design. I’ve been working on it for 2 weeks now, and it’s time to put the idea to rest. I was trying to chart a cabled fleur-de-lis, but after 5 ripped swatches, I’m concluding that it has too much horizontal movement to work properly. (If you’re mixing cable crossings, you can only put in so many 2×3 maneuvers – like 1 or 2, actually – before the fabric crumples in a bad way.) It’s funny, I looked through my stitch dictionaries (and believe you me, I have many stitch dictionaries) and couldn’t find anything even remotely adaptable. Suspect I know why, now. I tried outlining it in a twisted stitch pattern, too. No go.

Although I hate ripping, I did unravel nearly all of my unsuccessful swatches to be frugal. I’ve already gone through ~200 g of yarn, more or less, but it’s the same 50 g skein being repeatedly knit and ripped. Heilo (from Dale – pronounced DOLL-ah, btw – of Norway) is holding up very well. You’d never know I’d abused it so much.

In other observations, I feel like there’s a certain level of fetid discontent coursing through the fiber ‘blogosphere lately. People are unhappy about stuff – the weather, their spouses, clutter, work, health, etc – and it’s coming through in the daily chat. Seems like I’m reading more grumbling about swatches, pattern mistakes, and running out of yarn than I usually do, too. Are we overwhelmed? For the northern hemisphere types, is it the winter blues?

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  1. Your cable problem is easy to solve. You can have as many crosses as you want if you compensate correctly. That means you have to increase and decrease stitches during the process. The best explanation I have found is in:
    It is the Viking Patterns for Knitting: Inspiration and Projects for Today’s Knitter, book. Not that you need more books! But this one has the ideal explanation and the compensation techniques you need.

  2. I think it is the NOT-winter blues- it’s Jnauary and the temps are springlike. We had a thunderstorm last night – felt like April.

    Makes people confused and uncertain.

  3. I haven’t had time to read alot of blogs (182 on my bloglines – how did *that* happen? I swore I would stop at 75) so I am not sure I want to do any catching up if “fetid discontent” is a current theme. January is usually exercise friendly here – real winter begins in late Feb/March with the heavy “spring” storms.

  4. I wish I could send everybody some of this san diego weather, because it just feels wrong to be wandering around in tanks tops and shorts, but there you go. Grass is always greener and all that.

    My house is a mess, but I’m happy.

  5. It is so the weather. At least for us in Seattle. We are now on day 24 of consecutive rain and it has rained something like 94 of the last 120 days. And they see no forseeable non-rainy days in sight. Record breaking rain, baby.

  6. Oh, I feel for Cathy if the real winter comes in February/March. Despite the gross rainy weather in Vancouver, late February is kind of the start of spring here. Guess I shouldn’t complain! But I sure would feel a lot less discontented if I could go to Mexico for a couple weeks now =)

  7. People are blue? I’m not! It’s been sunny for days and the days are getting longer already (Alaska). I got out the madder last weekend and got a reddish orange on wool, orange on silk. Fun, fun, fun, with lots more of those natural dyes to try. I’m thinking of Seafoam Squares from Knitter’s magazine in natural shades of golds plus whatever else I get.

  8. I wish we’d have a little MORE winter. 62 degrees at 6:00 PM is a little crazy. Here’s hoping you soon get the swatch you want. Heilo is great, isn’t it?

  9. I second the post-holiday theory. All of sudden, no more parties, cartloads of work, and tax forms start appearing in the mail. Anyone who works in the financial industry is having a peak season and let’s not even think about those of us subject to a cruel academic schedule that puts the end of fall semester after Christmas! I bet after a little rest, the solution to your fleur-de-lis problem will appear, better than you (or any of us) could imagine.

  10. It is beautiful here, spring has sprung, but my mom is ill so I’m blue. Actually, the swatch frustration is a healthy vent for me!

    Carrie’s got a point, too. Strep’s going around the schools, it’s finals time, my tax planner arrived this week, and I’m wondering why I ate so much over the holidays… OTOH, my orchids are starting to bloom!

  11. I think it might be the weather and the post-holiday letdown. Around here winter is hiding, it’s supposed to be spring-like today. And you’re getting back into the same-old-routine after being hyped up with the holiday spirit and that special feeling that one gets from the holiday season.

  12. I blame my inlaws 😉

    First part of the year is always nervewracking for me, but this year seems a bit harder, for some reason. I think I’ll go stuff my face in some merino or something…

  13. It’s not the weather so much as the lack of light for me. I wake up in the dark, and come home from work in the dark. And unless I go outside for lunch, I don’t see the sun. I’m always tired.

    I love my life in general ‘though. But my weaving is currently being frustrating. Anyone out there use a warp-weighted loom?

  14. It was great here until I weighed in. No more truffles for me, waaaah!
    Figuring out cables is like doing a puzzle. Is that Helio good for DNA scarf? Is is soft and luxurious?

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