FO: A tale of 2 skeins

I previously mentioned that I’d gotten the unexpected gift of spinning time when my then-first-grader was assigned to read out loud for a half hour daily. Here is what I was able to spin before school let out for the year.

I had 2 batts from Franquemont Fibers, purchased back in 2007, when Abby had an eBay store. (Mmmm, my stash is ooooold.) She called this colorway “Spring Rain”; it includes superwash wool, Bluefaced Leicester, Merino, kid mohair, tussah and bombyx silk, tussah silk noil, and nylon. (Altogether, it is not machine washable.)

Because I’d purchased 2 batts, I decided to make this into a 2-ply yarn. Singles (American long draw) were spun on my Butterfly electric wheel. I was aiming for a fingering weight yarn.

After the singles were transferred to storage bobbins, I wanted them to chillax for a while and thus started spinning singles for a new yarn. This is a Merino Tencel kettle-dyed blend from Misty Meadows. I’m pretty sure it was a souvenir from the MN State Fair, probably from 2006 or 2007.

With the white shiny streaks in the red, doesn’t it remind you of well-marbled meat?

So that got spun up (from the fold), also on the electric wheel. I was hoping to maximize the yardage and aimed to make a laceweight yarn.

After those singles were transferred to storage bobbins, it was time to go back to ply the blue singles.

Final weight is 97.7 g; final length is 325 yards.

A few close ups:

Plying the red was tricky. For some reason, the wire yarn guides on the wheel pushed back the plying twist on this one, and the final yarn was fairly underplied. I wound it off onto a niddy noddy and placed the skein right back onto a swift so that I could ply the yarn again. Not the greatest picture below, but possibly you can see the difference between the plied and underplied portions.

Final weight is 49.6 g; final length is 234 yards.

Given the meat-like color, I was joking with a friend that I should make it into a lacy scarf – a caul cowl! (Ha! But I think Jessica mostly beat me to that joke by a few years.)

A few close ups:

I’m sad that my big blocks of spinning time are gone, but nothing good lasts forever, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

6 thoughts on “FO: A tale of 2 skeins

  1. You make absolutely beautiful yarn. I actually pulled out my wheel recently and discovered that I’ve completely forgotten who to tell overplied from underplied.

  2. Very pretty. I’m hoping to get my wheel out again this fall. It’s been years. I actually dyed some wool this summer and need to just set aside time to spin.

    My oldest will be a 1st grader this year, so maybe we’ll get a nice assignment like a half hour of reading too.

  3. Your yarn is gorgeous!

    And since you have twins, maybe you’ll get twice as much spinning done when they get to 1st grade? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. “Nothing good lasts forever.” In a few years your girls will have moved on, and you will have lots of spinning time.

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