Family reunion

We got back this morning at 2 AM from a whirlwind visit to Matt’s parents and grandparents. Miracle of miracles, we were able to coordinate 5 working people’s schedules to take simultaneous time off and flew to Florida for the long weekend.

There was lots of eating (Matt and I refer to weekends with his family as “Weekends of Meat”), lounging around, sleeping, and playing with Baby Dan who is now a few months shy of his first birthday. He’s talking (“Bah! Mah! On-yon!”), waving bye-bye, pointing at things, and generally being irrepressibly cute.

With Mom

With Uncle Matt

Matt’s family. Click for big!

Brother-in-law Bob (father of Baby Dan) is at the far right. He mentioned that Dan has mostly outgrown the Viking Chicken hat by now, which is not unexpected. As a general rule, I don’t knit for children (they grow so fast, mostly), but I might make an exception for a baby nephew. *g*

In other news, I have airplane flu (aka The Flying Plague) AGAIN. Almost without fail, I get horrendously sick after flying. This “habit” has ruined more vacations than I care to remember. (Currently, I have a headache, total body fatigue, sore throat, phlegmy coughing, a man’s voice, mild fever, cascading nasal drip… Yes, I’m so sexy.)

An aside – can you say fever dreams? I dreamt this afternoon that a General is coming after fundamentalist Christians, ostensibly to round them up and kill them. He has hired a band of nuns to do the dirty work. I’m working undercover in the resistance, but I think I’ve been discovered. I fight the nuns, but they turn out to be legless puppets – I literally find polyester fiberfill under their habits, their curled fists turn out to be wooden knobs attached to dowels, and their skin reminds me of oven mitts with faces that are made from stuffed pantyhose. I jab large T-pins into their faces and eyes to prevent them from reporting to the General. (I also step on them and discover they are squishy.) In the meantime, one of my coworkers is leaving me clues inside large packages of noodle soup, but I have to cook the soup to get the secret messages. I wake up (drenched in sweat) after washing a mountain of dishes to find a pot the right size to decode my next mission.

Nothing like a fever dream to confirm you are exactly as crazy as you always suspected… Anyway, I’m diligent about handwashing, I don’t touch nasty surfaces in airports or airplanes, but I don’t see a lot of people and am not exposed to many germs in the course of my daily living. How else might I boost my immune system?

19 thoughts on “Family reunion

  1. I have become a huge fan of the wonderful stuff called “Airborne.” It would have been wonderful for you to take it BEFORE you got on the plane. I always used to get sick on planes, too. It’s disgusting on those things. The air and all of everybody else’s germs are circulated and blowed right ON you.

    Airborne has the advantage of being mainstream and available literally everywhere, rather than all the things I usually tout, which you can only get at natural foods stores.

  2. And a couple of those packets of Emergen-C or whatever it’s called (I like cranberry flavor) poured into a liter bottle of water (drink some first to make space for the fizzing) and shaken up. Water and vitamin c, fancy that, I’m a medickull genyus. 😉 Anyway, it works for me. I don’t get sick very often and usually don’t get sick when we travel, unless we stay at the MIL’s.

  3. I’m one who gets sick kind of easily, my immune system has always been weak. I used to take vitamin C and Reishi regularly but still didn’t help me much. I’m now taking Chinese herbal medicine, which now conveniently comes in powder form, no need to brew, and can feel the improvement albeit slowly. According to the chinese physician, I’m terribly low on ‘qi’ and ‘yin’ of the kidney. And the lack of ‘qi’ in general will also lead to dreamfulness (I just found this out last week!). I don’t know if this alternative of chinese medicine is available to you but thought of sharing with you.

  4. Next time before you fly, try Airborne. Airborne is a supplement that is chock full of vitamins and the like, you dissolve it in a glass of water and chug it down. You’re supposed to take it when you know you’re going into a public space like airplanes (with all those germs), or when you’re starting to get a cold. Website is at, I think.

  5. I’ll also nominate Airborne. Planes, ships, doctor’s offices – it seems to work very well for me. My only problem is remembering to take it 🙂

  6. that is one crazy crazy dream dude. i had a crazy dream but it was all about me and joaquin phoenix getting married. so – you know – more based in reality than yours, wouldn’t you agree??? 🙂 heee hee just kidding

  7. another metoo: I spend way too much time on planes and airborne it is for me, along with regular doses of Emergen-C. To beat it once you have it, alka-seltzer cold Plus did a fantastic job on me last time. Ordinarily I avoid anything remotely drug-like but I have to admit, it worked wonders.

    I love the dream! Way bizarro and many-layered. Although, come to think of it, in some ways not so unreal as one might like to believe.

  8. Very strange dream, might make a good claymation movie. Take care. Airborne…its a fizzy:) Get well soon!
    I’m surprised there wasn’t a cable twisting in that dream.

  9. June, I’m so glad you had a good visit with the in-laws. But, honey, it’s time to ease up on the cold meds! That dream is straight out of Hunter S. Thompson.

  10. Sorry that you are down, but hey, at least the fever dreams are intriguing. I am a big proponent of exposing oneself to as many germs as possible, to build up an immunity. I also swear by homemade chicken soup. Mine is good, but I have to freeze it so there is some when I am sick and don’t feel like making it. Take care.

  11. I used to work for the parent company of Source Naturals and was friends with the truly magnificent minds behind the formulation of the Wellness Formula. The stuff works, especially for respiratory ailments. Keep the bottle in the frig! A good place to find data about supplements (known as fertilizer in our home) is Usual disclaimers…

  12. Maybe the dream meant you should take chicken soup! But don’t you work at the Mayo clinic? Can’t one of your buds there be of help? Anyway, sorry you are under the weather.

  13. I also nominate Airborne. My brother travels a lot for business and was always sick after flying. He takes Airborne before the flight and hasn’t been sick since. I take it at the 1st sign of a cold and it always cuts the duration down to just a day or 2 instead of a week or more. And…I’ve discovered if you have a pre-tax medical plan you can submit the receipt for Airborne.

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