I made pretties

A woman I work with (a knitter and crocheter) gave me a little bag of handmade beads as a Christmas gift last year. They are glass, wood, cord-wrapped wood, or polymer clay. I wasn’t sure what to do with them, and they rolled around the back of my head for several months.

Looking at them again last weekend, it suddenly dawned on me that they might make pretty stitch markers. I bought odds-and-ends beads (mostly 10¢ pieces), silver rings, and silver head pins from a local shop. I used a starter kit with 5 different pliers to bend the pins (didn’t use all 5). I used instructions from wormspit to assemble them.

I shattered 2 glass beads (hence the naked bead in the lower left), but otherwise, it was a pretty uneventful assembly. I probably spent about an hour putting them together.


I’ve never used such large stitch markers before. They take some getting used to because you need to flip them around when moving from needle to needle (they tend to fall behind the work). But they’re pretty and dangly, like knitting jewelry. I like them!

10 thoughts on “I made pretties

  1. Fun!! Plus you got a great photo of them – most photos of beaded stitch markers or wine glass charms (mine included) are fuzzy and murky.

  2. Very nice stitch markers! They are a great way to use special and orphan beads! BTW, I finished DNA scarf in Cashoff. I missed those couple of rows before the beginning of the pattern somehow. Love it anyway. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  3. It did take a project or two to get used to them, but I do like dangly stitch markers. They’re easier to grab with my “third hand” if I need to do more than just transfer them from needle to needle as I work.

  4. These are fabulous! I’ve been wanting my daughter (who’s really into beading) to make me some of these for the longest. I might just swipe some of her beads and make them myself now that you’ve set the pace. ;o) I love someone’s comment that these qualify as “knitting jewelry” too.

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