I am getting better at this crochet thing

I’ve been practicing my crochet, but most of it is just boring little squares of different stitches that are not worth photographing or showing. But last night – I made something pretty! Looky what I did!

Pretty cool, huh?

Sorry for the crap photo, it’s with the flash and taken indoors at night.

I used Shetland laceweight yarn (purchased almost 2 years ago, sigh), a 2.1 mm hook, and the “snowflake” pattern from this book. It’s 4 1/2″ across and uses only single crochet and double crochet stitches. Can you see a bunch of them linked together into a stole? Or a tunic top?

9 thoughts on “I am getting better at this crochet thing

  1. I have a real weakness for crochet snowflakes. My mother makes about 10 a year, and adds them to her tree. Her tree is almost exclusively snowflakes, and its just so darn glamerous!

    A stole would be cool, I think. Not too Granny-square hippy looking either.

  2. Nice. Crochet is so limited by people’s vision (i.e. lack of). So much potential there, really. Some day I’d like to explore it more myself. So far, it hurts my hands, though, no matter how I hold the damn hook, which isn’t an inducement to go on–does it hurt yours ever?

  3. Yes, and you can slip stitch them together at the tips as you crochet them. Lots of fun. Ummm…addicting, huh?
    Oh, I checked my hooks – 95% of them have no mm markings on them – the smallest one I have that does is B/2.25. It’s larger than my size 1 steel which I used for the KP laceweight. If that helps you any?

  4. There have been some things lately hthat have made me wish I knew how to crochet. I’m liking the whole snowflake thing. And little flowers to pin on your collar? ooooh.

  5. You might be interested in this week’s Cast-on podcast. Its about crochet and guest hosted by Sage of Quirky Nomads (love that podcast too).

  6. I totally can see those in a sweater. I liked one of the two sweater pics you posted about so well a week or so ago that I am forcing Cathy to make me one. Kudos for you for actually LEARNING how to crochet, as opposed to using your friendly crochet connections as a crutch. 😛

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