Dreaming of springtime

When I visited my sister in St. Louis a few weekends ago, daffodils were already abundant. It was hard to come back to Minnesota, which at the time was still under a foot of snow. I figured I could dye a spring color, even if I couldn’t see one outside the window. This was 3:1 yellow:blue on golden tussah silk.

Mouseover to see what it looked before drafting

In other news, Bob’s surgery has been postponed until next week. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

16 thoughts on “Dreaming of springtime

  1. Yes, the daffodils are up here in St. Louis, but we had snow (ok, a dusting)just after they all bloomed! Did you visit any yarn stores in StL? There are several really good ones! Oh, and Fall here is spectacular for color too!

  2. Pretty — it looks like a mermaid’s hair! I bet this “St. Louis” trip was just a smokescreen for a fishing trip of questionable probity.

  3. What types of dyes did you use for that?

    The mouse-over gig doesn’t work for me in Firefox. I’d love to see the “before” shot.


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