Lemon cake

In celebration of the first anniversary of my still-new-to-me job, I made a lemon Bundt cake for my coworkers (and I also got a raise! Woo!).

Again, I followed another recipe from Cook’s Illustrated. I see someone has posted the recipe here. The only part of the recipe that I changed – I didn’t wait for anything to become room temperature. I measured almost everything by weight, not volume, and I did not like the flavor of the glaze at all. (It was bland and starchy. Also, I don’t think I added enough liquid, it was like drizzling Elmer’s glue. Um, ew.)

The cake was moist and dense, almost crossing into pound cake territory. The lemon flavor was great! The office folks liked it. Here’s what it looked like by lunchtime:

This photo actually illustrates something that I find very funny (funny-strange and funny-haha) about Minnesota culture. As I learned when I brought in my first cake to work, if I don’t start it (ie, take the first slice), no one will taste it b/c no one wishes to look greedy by taking the first slice (?). Similarly, no one is willing to take the very last portion. They’ll go so far as to cut the last slice in half, but they won’t actually take the last piece.

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  1. You got a raise? That must be a mean bundt cake. I need to try the recipe? Maybe I can bake some and finally get a job;) Congrats on your anniversary and the raise. You deserve it!

  2. Congrats on the raise.

    As for the cake eating thing, that happened all the time in grad school…(not the starting the cake part, poor grad students and free food, etc…) But rather, it’s amazing how the last piece of cake would get halved, halved, and halved again until only crumbs were left…and that would get halved…

  3. Midwestern manners and courtesy. I miss that! Texas with its gracious southern hospitality was like Minnesota to the nth.

  4. It’s been a yr already? Amazing! Congrats on the raise, and for the still-new-to-you job – always a good thing. Yummy cake. I am also not from MN, that piece would be gone!

  5. Congratulations on the raise!
    My mom told me about a roommate she had that never took the last anything but would often leave a laughable small portion to be “polite.” Being the pragmatic yankee that I am, I say you either leave enough to be worthwhile to the next person or you finish it.

  6. Congratulations! Now, when are you going to make lemon bars out of that same book? (I love lemon everything) I’ve read that recipe over and over again, and something about using nearly a carton of eggs doesn’t sit well with me 🙂

  7. I think you’d find the same thing happening in Illinois and Michigan too with regards to cake cutting.

    Congrats on the raise and being happy with your job!

  8. Hi, the exact same thing happens here in Ireland with regards to cakes, buns… whatever.
    The last slice is continually subdivided down to molecular level.

  9. In my office, no one is shy about getting the first/last/whatever piece of anything…the cannibals! But if they don’t like something, they’ll scrape it off or eat what they want and leave the rest on the tray instead of dumping it in the trash! Bleah!

  10. I also work in a Minnesota office… there is always food (it’s a Girl Scout council office). The Last Piece Syndrome is ever-present here, and I’ve wondered if a piece was thrown away at the very beginning (or hidden from sight) would that cause there to be none left at the end?

    The cake looks delicious, by the way, my stomach did an involuntary grumble as soon as the photo finished loading.

  11. congratulations on the raise. The cake looks wonderful, but I agree on the glaze – they are usually awful. Does anyone have a great glaze recipe? See you next month at Shelley’s spinning – we sat outside last week – it was wonderful. Bonny

  12. Congrats on the raise and the cake looks yummy. Very astute of you to pick up on the corporate/office culture and which is not to be scoffed at (or at which you should not scoff). There was a very scary tale told (by a very reliable source, the involved office manager)in law school about the new (female) associate who got a new job and new, to her, office. She was offered an array of paint colors for the walls and she DID NOT PICK BLUE! And she did not last long. So take it from me, Grasshopper, pay attention to the “little” things.

  13. It seems you are really thriving in your first year at Mayo, June — and that is great. I miss your baking!
    Have you ever made that Beth Hensperger blueberry cake again? If you haven’t shared that recipe with your devoted blog groupies, please do. I can’t find the copy that you gave me years ago!!!

    I like to bake at home for the folks at work too, but my fellow New Yorkers make a real effort to be the one who eats the first piece. And the crumbs. There is even a kind soul here who washes out my cookie tins and wipes off the knives.

  14. This is my absolute favorite quick cake recipe! Could be the fact that I live for lemon. Hmmm. I have a recipe that calls for lemon pudding added in as well. Ok, maybe the cake just happens to *look* the same. :0) Anyhow,I enjoy the blog and congrats on the raise!!!

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