Mitered cable

I’m glad I have a large collection of knitting books because I never have to wait to do research on a new-to-me technique. A few weeks ago, I wanted to know how to graph a mitered cable. A quick Google search showed me that general instructions were likely to be in this book. I read up, I selected a cable pattern, I made the graph, and voila!

The short-row method recommended by the author leaves gaps in the fabric because you turn the knitting around without doing any wraps. She says short-row wraps look worse, and I’ll take her word for it. However, with worsted weight yarn and US 8 needles, the gaps are pretty noticeable to me. I probably will tidy it up with a short seam on the back side.

Thanks to all who offered sympathy, encouragement, and other PsOV about my decision to redo Matt’s sweater back. I appreciate your thoughts!

A fuzzy preview of coming attractions:


12 thoughts on “Mitered cable

  1. The mitered cable is amazing. And I don’t think the holes are that noticable, it’s knitting yoga for crying out loud! Bones?! Thank goodness you told us what they were. It was a little distracting.

  2. Whoa, that is beautiful! I have that book and I just look at it and drool, hoping that someday I will be brave enough.

  3. The mitred cable looks great, her books are full of information and great cables to work with. I’ve got several of them. The white bones, also look like they could be golf club covers..

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