I showed a preview of this project in yesterday’s post, and judging from some of the comments, I think there are those among us who have minds in the gutters!

This is the project I was working on:


And a side view:

The ears are a little antigravity, but it contributes to the puppy’s perpetually surprised expression. The other thing that mildly bugs me about this project – I’m lousy with embroidery and severely fudged burying the black thread ends. Something tells me I should have embroidered before assembly, oh well! Next time! It’s still pretty damn cute. For the record, it’s crocheted with organic Shetland wool and stuffed with white Border Leicster fleece. The amigurmi book with the pattern is here.

Matt and I are taking a little road trip to celebrate my birthday (today). See you in a few!

26 thoughts on “Puppy!

  1. he is so cute! I can’t believe you are a new crocheter, that is a fantastic little animal. I love it. (him-her–whatever). And Happy Birthday! have a great time.

  2. I expected to see 2 cats wearing chef hats getting ready to experiment with new puppy recipes. Happy birthday! Gemini. Hmmmm…

  3. Happy Birthday! A day late!

    And you have finally won me over. I’m willing to embrace crochet, if it can make things as cute as a perpetually surprised puppy.

  4. Happy Birthday!
    The mitered cable is amazing. I know I must be capable of such art too, and someday when my children don’t require so much of my grey matter, I will attempt it myself. Bravo!

  5. Have a wonderful birthday! The puppy is so cute!

    Loved your mitered cable post too. Re short-rows & wrapping… I recently used short row shoulder shaping on a cardi back, and the textured pattern prevented me from working the wrapped turns in the usual way. I solved this by picking up the wrap, carrying it behind the stitch, and knitting it w/ the next (or previous stitch, depending on whether I was on the RS/WS). It turned out quite well. Maybe something like this might work?

  6. Happy Birthday!

    I love the little pup! Is the book where the pattern is in english or?? The title leads me to wonder. πŸ™‚

  7. aww… i like how the puppy (organic shetland!) is touching his toes. that mitered cable swatch below is beautiful.

    Happy belated Birthday!

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