Baby got back, part II

Remember Matt’s sweater? I had made the back too long and irreversibly fulled it (sad tale of woe here), only to find that I had made egregious pattern errors (another woeful tale here). I knit another version (begun here), and I think I did OK.

I washed and blocked it a couple times while I was working on the piece to ensure that I was on track. I think it’s at the correct length (saddle sleeves, so no shoulder shaping), but I’m not going to bind off, just in case. What a relief it is to see all the cables twisting in the correct direction.

21 thoughts on “Baby got back, part II

  1. Nice job! I especially like the contrast between the densities of the various cables, and how the delicacy of the narrower segments is echoed inside the crossings of the center panel. It’s gonna be spectacular, and you’re going to have a truly impressive “No kidding, how I did it” story.

  2. You know, I’m torn between envy and relief, that Chad is not a sweater wearing guy. 😉 All I’m on the hook for is hats. But at the same time, I wish I could festoon him with fabulous garments.

    I am absolutely 100% positive I’d have twisted those cables the wrong way more than once. What a stunning example of Doing It Right!

  3. I’m impressed that you have knit such a beautiful piece, but even more impressed that you started over. I tend to give up in frustration, curse the Fates, and move on to something different. Way to hang in there.

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