Peacock shawl

I decided on a project for the spindle-spun blue silk yarn. I wanted something that would be triangular and harmonious with the color. I selected the Peacock Feathers Shawl by Dorothy Siemens, who I think has quite a gift for lace design.

Here’s what I’ve got so far.

Eunny knit this a while back, and I noticed she used US 1 (2.5 mm) needles (the original pattern calls for US 4 [3.5 mm] needles). Eunny’s shawl still came out really big. I decided to go with US 0 needles (2.0 mm) because I didn’t want a really large shawl, I dislike oversized yarnovers (I hate when my finger gets stuck in a lace pattern after blocking), and I thought the thin yarn would be better off with smaller needles.

When I can, I like to do a little “carpet blocking” to open up the pattern and look for mistakes.

This may be the first time I am knitting with pure bombyx silk. This stuff is SLIPPERY AS AN EEL. I’ve never seen a dropped stitch run down so fast.

13 thoughts on “Peacock shawl

  1. I’ve never knit with pure bombyx, only woven with it, and it is indeed as you say, deucedly slippery. What’s more, it’s static prone — so when weaving with it, doing pickup patterns, AUGH! Slow going to say the least.

    So, supposing that you find a mistake when carpet blocking, what’s your usual fix-it approach? Drop and reknit, install lifeline and rip to that point? Depends?

  2. Ohmy. Great Minds, and all that, I just started the same shawl, in bombyx silk. I’ve just gotten to chart 2. I’m using 1’s, I wanted a silk scarf, actually, so I’m hoping it comes out to about 30″ or less at the point. More later this week on the blog, but in the meantime, I’m happy to be knitting along with you!

  3. Ohh, gorgeous. That yarn looks perfect for the shawl pattern you’ve chosen. Although the slippery yarn with slippery needles scares me a bit.

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely – as per your usual! I don’t like overly lacy lace either. Looks like you are on the right track with that combo.

  5. Hey, that one’s next on my list as well. Silk definitely, for the shine. My biggest problem has been finding the right color combo in silk or silk blend laceweight — I think I need to dye some myself because I want a subtly variegated yarn in blue, green, and purple, because that is what I think of as peacock colors. (even though peacocks don’t really have purple on them)

  6. I knit that shawl for my mother for Christmas on US3 needles and Grignasco Merino Silk. It came out a bit smaller than the pattern states, but not by much! I definitely recommend lifelines (I had to rip out the whole thing once in the chart 4 stage). Oh, and be careful with the crochet bind-off. Make sure you have all 3 stitches firmly bound off, or the dropped stitch(es) will run VERY fast. Ask me how I know.

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