22 thoughts on “What I did on my summer vacation

  1. That’s a great deal of work! I know you knock off the spinning like nobody’s business, but Bayerische is very very labor intensive.

  2. I just finished spinning that same Corriedale. I spun it on my hand spindle as I bought it at Estes and couldn’t wait until I got home. It was so nice to spin with, although it didn’t turn out as even as I’d like.

  3. Whoa! These are gorgeous! I am a bit curious though, the “osage orange” silk yarn… um, the osage orange tree, Maclura pomifera is a tree that bears what we have always called “the horse apple”. It’s greenish yellow. We used to have one in our yard when I was a kid. They are also called Bois d’arc trees. about how they got their name – and it doesn’t have anything to do with color. However, that color of sock yarn is awesome! Just thought it was interesting they called it that.

  4. Hi June, Thank you for the kind comment about my little alpaca on my blog. I have been looking round yours, admiring your sock knitting, your recipes (what a great combination of information for a blog) and your beautiful cauliflower. I couldn’t resist commenting on these socks, expecially the madder/osage orange one. Your spinning is beautiful as is the sock. Thanks for the link for the roving. Great resource!

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