Pygora blues

I’m singin’ the pygora blues, baybee… I’m spinning the pygora/silk roving that I purchased at the Shepherd’s Harvest show this past May.

This prep isn’t as good as it could be – I am picking out guard hairs that the dehairing left behind, and the fiber has felted somewhat in storage (requires careful drafting) – but the final yarn is ah-MAY-zhing, if I say so myself. I’m uncertain about the grade of fiber in this roving. It’s almost as soft as cashmere, but it’s shiny cashmere with a halo!

I’ve never spun pygora before. I want more! More!

9 thoughts on “Pygora blues

  1. Pretty! One of my friends has a pygora skin, and it’s sooooo soft. I’ve always wondered how the pygmy/angora cross could come up with cashmere type fiber, as mohair is so, you know, mohair.

  2. Wow. Looking at that linked post (did I miss it first time round or am I really that old? Sigh. prolly both.)

    You have so much more willpower than I. There is nothing I find harder to resist than the independent producer; so 2½ barns would bankrupt me. ;p

    ‘Out here’ for pygora I would say the main is Pygora Peppermint Pastures and I’m still saving it to spin (but mine has a lovely gimmick of peppermint oil in its put-ups, which is certainly a lifesaver when camping at a sheep fair) but it is grade A/B, and so silky and fine… well, with a ‘new’ breed, I inferred that it can depend on the grader, and their mood, and…

    I want a pygora. When we have our Fantasy Ranch.

  3. I hemmed and hawed over some of that Pygora, but ended getting some sort of blend instead. Now I’m kicking myself, because that looks really knittable.

    There’s always next year…

  4. I just wanted to pop in and say that I’m very glad you have found time lately to write more often. I read every post and always learn something – very enjoyable. Thanks!

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