Penny pics and bento lunch

Laritza asked me to post a few “penny pictures” of the pygora yarn. I am happy to oblige!

I haven’t had much chance to spin recently because I worked many 12-hr days this past week. (Everything! Is! Due! Yesterday!) In lieu of fiber progress, let’s look at some of my Mr Bento lunches! (As always, these consist mostly of dinner leftovers.)

Veg and beef stirfry (white/brown rice underneath), cucumbers with instant Japanese pickling spice, miso soup with seaweed and new potatoes, steamed bun with sweet adzuki bean center (and 2 “flower kiss” candies)

Cherry tomatoes from my CSA, tilapia chowder, fresh spinach and artichoke hummus, whole wheat pita bread and goat cheese

Yum. Lunch is fun.

14 thoughts on “Penny pics and bento lunch

  1. I have been reading along quietly, but just had to point out the evilness of mixing fiber with bento…it’s like my kryptonite!
    Your blog is great and informative, I don’t even spin. yet.

  2. Oh my goodness, that yarn is so fine! Wow!

    Your lunches make me so jealous! They look so delicious. I’m just going to have to break down and get myself a Mr. Bento. I’ve been putting it off for a year. Next paycheck, perhaps!

  3. Your lunches look so yummy and your spinning is always amazing! Where did you get a recipe for tilapia chowder? That sounds so good.

  4. I’m curious what your colleagues think of those lunches — assuming you eat in the local lunch/break room. I hear no end to the fact that I 1) eat whole wheat sandwiches, 2) don’t bring in fast food, 3) actually eat my salads, and 4) always seem to have some sort of fruit in my lunch.

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