Ricotta “bliss” bread

I read about RoseLB’s updated recipe for ricotta bread, and a little later, I saw that Marie also had baked this ricotta bread. I was hooked. It was only a matter of time until I tried it.

First, I made my own ricotta using this recipe. It was very rich, but ah heck, I justified it by saying the extra fat would also function as a preservative for the bread.

Second, I followed that recipe to the letter. But my loaves did not look like Rose’s or Marie’s loaves. πŸ™ Instead of tall, compact loaves, mine were flat and spread out a lot.

The taste was good, but it was so rich, the flavor reminded me of brioche. I think that the extra fat in the ricotta might have contributed to the spread, but I don’t really know. In any case, it was tasty, and Matt and I enjoyed an entire loaf before it had time to cool.

11 thoughts on “Ricotta “bliss” bread

  1. That ricotta recipe is very different from the one I’ve used in the past. When I’ve made ricotta, it has been from the leftover whey from making another kind of cheese. So yes, I think that your ricotta recipe is much richer than most.

  2. Did you say it tasted like Brioche? Oh god, will you marry me? πŸ˜€ We can both stay with our beaus, I just want you to make me bread like that.

  3. oh gee! June I have to tell you that your blog is my absolute favorite. It combines fiber and food. What could be better? Well, the fact that it’s always a pleasure to read your writing and that you provide such great tutorials. Thank you June!

  4. This bread looks delicious! I think that mine also spread a little more than Rose’s did, but everyone’s try at a recipe will turn out a little differently. I would take your bread, made with fresh, homemade ricotta, over a rounder, higher loaf made with supermarket ricotta any day!

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