Card and recard

I finished carding the green wool and silk blend that I introduced during my demo on how to create silk blends.

This is after 1 pass:

This is after 2 passes:

I was a little sorry to see the brown streaks disappear. I liked those and thought they brought a touch of contrast to the roving. The white parts of the top lightened the overall color, and everything began to lean toward the blue from the silk. The original colors – brown, green, white, blue – made me think of the earth, sky, and water. Now it sort of reminds me of blue-green algae!

Sadly, it is going back to the stash bucket – too many other spinning projects ahead of it in the queue.

5 thoughts on “Card and recard

  1. Well, it’s the prettiest blue-green algae I’ve ever seen! I can’t wait for my drum-carding class at SOAR so that I feel more confident about playing with fibers like this. I find your posts on blending so inspiring!

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