That silk/wool blend

The fiber that I sent to Wooly Knob is back! Actually, it was waiting for us when we returned from Rome (couple-week turnaround!), but I didn’t have a chance to talk about it until now.

To refresh your memory, I sent them this:


This is what I got back:

Well, knock me over with a feather – it’s PLUM colored! I opened it up, and it was so unlike the original fibers, I could not remember what I had sent to them for about 10 minutes. Did any of you think it would look like this?!

I also sent out some Blueface Leicester x Border Leicester wool that I had washed and dyed.

This was processed by Spinderellas; I asked that it be carded and pindrafted. Lynn sent it back within a week or so – love her service!

It’s in a big, tall bag, and it puffs up when opened. It’s taller than our large-scale furniture!

I haven’t had a chance to spin either of these. Where is my time?!?!

15 thoughts on “That silk/wool blend

  1. They both came out amazing! I love the subtle colors of both. And you’re right, the combination of colors/textures on the first one blew me away.

  2. Wauw, I love the plum fiber! Man, I need to remember that! Well, I’ll have to card it myself as there are no such things like mills over here, but it’s a great combo! I love plum, so if you ever want to get rid of it … !

    Looking forward to see the spun yarn from both fibers!

  3. Ha, ha, ha! Better spin now up those wonderful blends now because your “my time” is about to vanish! (But it comes back again. Eventually.)

  4. Oh gosh, I love it! I’d never had thought those things combined would’ve ended up looking like they did. I do hope you share the finished yarn with us – I’m sure it’s going to turn out beautifully.

  5. The plum makes total sense — I’ve had luck like that before. Sure do love what those guys at WK achieve! Whatcha gonna make???

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