Shawl with French trellis border

I have a knitting FO to show – actually, it was completed right before Meredith was born. In fact, I had blocked it on a towel in the nursery the afternoon before labor started.

Note – this was not blocked with pins or wires, I washed it, spun out the water, and patted it flat. I used a ruler to ensure that the width was consistent throughout. The final dimensions were 60″ x 14″.

To recap, the yarn is spindle-spun Merino/Tencel (50/50) – read all about it here. To finish the shawl, I wove in the 2 ends. Here are some photos:

Even though I had tried to plan the size of the scarf to accommodate the amount of yarn, I still ran out with only 3 or 4 rows left to go. I didn’t want to order another 2 oz, so I stash dove – luckily, I surfaced with pink fiber and grey fiber, both 50/50 Merino/silk. I blended it coarsely by hand and spun something similar enough to finish the border.

I didn’t feel like dressing up to model the shawl myself, but I found a willing prop lying around the house.

Maybe Meredith will want to wear it when she is a little older. 🙂

I previously promised you a parade of handmade baby clothes – first up is a handdyed, crocheted vest. Yarn is dyed bye Anne, vest made by Cathy. Isn’t it sweet?

22 thoughts on “Shawl with French trellis border

  1. lovely objects! Great modification to finish the shawl. No one would’ve been the wiser. And your model is definitely SUPER!

  2. The shawl turned out great! Are the ends really two different colors or is that just from the lighting?

    Meredith is so freaking adorable. I love the picture of her in the vest!

  3. She’s so beautiful and so is the lace! Very cute baby vest too and it doesn’t look too big. I guess there is some newborn stuff she came out too big to wear, eh?

  4. The shawl is beautiful! I love the pattern. Your model has that just-right-for-a-fashion-model air of, “This is so-o-o boring — I could just sleep through it.” ‘-)

  5. She has the same beautiful fingers my daughter has – long and tapered. When she was 4 months old I was thinking, here is a future musician, and now at 7 her piano teacher thinks she’s talented.

    Those are very cute baby pictures. I love those round cheeks!

  6. If possible, Meredith keeps getting more beautiful with each passing day. Thanks for posting and keep those pictures coming.

  7. What a beautiful picture of Meredith with the lace shawl! And her little vest is precious. She’s an adorable little model!

  8. Absolutely adorable! She looks so… what’s the word?… aware of things? – for someone so young. Bet she’s gonna be smart as the proverbial whip too.

  9. I love her tiny little hands! So sweet. The shawl is wonderful too, I’m always so impressed with your spindle spun laceweight.

  10. You have a very precious baby! The lucky lassie has some beautiful handmade clothing as well. Your shawl is gorgeous! Well done.

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